Does The Tory Deal Mean Skullduggery At The Next Election?

Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament




Did you know that money for the leave campaign was passed through Northern Ireland via the DUP? Now why should they do this? Because my dear  voters political fundersthere are allowed to remain anonymous. Now m,ost of this money during the referendum was spent on campaigning in England and Scotland. There is sufficient evidence to hold a Public Enquiry in to the referendum. In fact the result should be declared void until the result of the Public enquiry is published.

However, there is an even bigger reason  to question the current practice of allowing political funders to remain anonymous for money passing through Northern Ireland. It means that come the next election what are the Tories going to do to try and fix things so they remain in power? Remember they think they are the natural government of the country and they will do ANYTHING to remain in power. That is why they deliberately disenfranchised students.

In reality the Tories are a totally discredited bunch of bastards who are quite happy to disregard regulations designed to keep us all safer. Let the poor not only eat cake, let them burn.

I hope all of you readers for whom my information is a revelation realise just how dangerous the Tories are. Never elect them again.




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