All The Tories Can Offer Is A Crock Of Shite

A Crock Of Shite
A Crock Of Shite



Why would anyone even with half a brain want to vote Tory in this election? Is it just me or what? All they can offer is a crock of shite. Steaming, stinking turds floating in a pit of grease.

Social care? We’ll steal your house. Jobs? We’ve totally screwed the economy with then unnecessary austerity when we could have borrowed billions at the lowest interest rates ever and rebuilt schools, hospitals, public spaces, the whole infrastructure in fact including roads and railways, employed all the staff necessary to fill schools and hospitals and all areas of the public services that have been cut to the bone in a pointless and futile attempts to trim public debt as if public debt was a bad thing.

You know what Brexit is about don’t you? Just in case you hadn’t thought it through let me tell you. Brexit is REALLY about a bonfire of EU regulations that keep us all safer. Scrap them and the billionaires get richer and all our lives are made poorer and threatened by the UK becoming a dumping ground for all sorts of toxic waste.

The economy will only become stronger by investing money in it, not by taking ,money out. The most capitalist country in the world only solved the depression which plagued the thirties by borrowing massive amounts of money to pour into HUGE programmes like the  Tenneesee Valley Water Authority.

Vote for your future and the future of the country. Vote Labour and put the sick Tory swine to the sword.


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