Is Ashley Mad About Football Or Just Mad?

Does Mike Ashley, supposed owner of Newcastle United FC, realise he is putting his life in jeopardy? Recent events would suggest that yes, he is mad. Who would go out of his way to upset one of the top managers in the world by letting a million or two and Graham Carr get in the way of a signing that would please Rafa and galvanise a stuttering team?




Houses of Parliament

Does The Tory Deal Mean Skullduggery At The Next Election?

   Did you know that money for the leave campaign was passed through Northern Ireland via the DUP? Now why should they do this? Because...
Houses of Parliament

Tory Minister Blames NHS Crisis On Patients

Nothing should surprise us any more from this government of utter bastards but the bare faced cheek of Steve Brine takes some beating. He...
burning building

Shocked By The Burning Tower? What If Your Kids Burned Due To Tories’ Cost...

 We are all, even the Maybot allegedly, appalled at the Grenfell Tower disaster but how would you feel if your children burned to death...


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bonfire of regulations

What Brexit REALLY Means and How It Fits The Tory Attack Upon The State

  Brexit is quite simply an attack upon all of us. What the far right want is to tear up as many regulations as they...
crowd of people

May Does U Turn and Now Rules Out Orgreave Enquiry

May turns back on promises


Tories Deny Rumours That They Are The Incompetent Party

 An unofficial spokesman for the Conservative Party last night denied rumours that the Tories were really the incompetent party when it came to handling...


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