Will Ashley Cough Up? Will Rafa Walk?

Hannah Hotshot, striker GBTP Ladies
Hannah Hotshot, striker GBTP Ladies
pioc of Hannah Hotshot, striker GBTP Ladies
Hannah Hotshot, striker GBTP Ladies


A personal message to Mike Ashley: you have a manager widely recognised as being in the Top Ten of football managers in the whole world. Have you yet grasped what you have in your hands? I don’t think so. I have been a Newcastle United fan since I was 11. That is a total of 63 years, 63 years largely of pain and misery, punctuated by small flashes of glory, my most vivid memory being when Jackie Milburn scored against Manchester City (the hot favourites) in the FA Cup Final in the first minute. I watched it on my grandma’s TV. We didn’t have a TV in those days.

Manchester City wore flashy tracksuits, unheard of in those days so according to Wikipedia the game came to be known as “the Gaudies v the Geordies”.

1955  was the year we should have won the double as we were a very good team but once the final was reached all the players eased up. No one wanted to be injured and miss the chance of playing at Wembley. We won, three times in five years actually but that was the last time we won the FA Cup. Kevin Keegan’s team almost won the Premier league but a fall-off in form of key players meant we stumbled on the run in and let Manchester United in. Mike Ashley, you have the opportunity to build something wonderful but only if you back Rafa and let him manage the club including all transfers. If you don’t you will never be forgiven.


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