Priest Has Epiphany At Sight Of Housekeeper’s Arse

Priest and Housekeeper
Priest and Housekeeper to right




priest and housekeeper
Pic of priest and housekeeper

Father Shagger O’Toole said it was all the fault of his housekeeper’s arse. The priest has had his fingers in the church building fund to the tune of £50,000.

“It was Mrs O’Neill’s fault. She was cleaning in the hall, on her hands and knees, when I came in the house. I took one look at her big round bum and knew I had to have some. It was just like Saint Paul on the way to Damascus, an epiphany. At once I went to my housekeeper, took her by the hand and led her to bed. Oh, what larks!”

Mary O’Neill said, “It was a moment I had been expecting for some time. It isn’t natural for men not to have the joy of sex. Father O’Toole didn’t have to shower me with gifts. I would have done it for nothing.”

When asked what her husband thought about Mrs O’Neill’s indiscretions she said, “ He is a Christian man. He says it is the will of God. He says I can continue to have sexual relations with the Father as long as he can join in.”


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