MPs Make Millions Out Of Rising Rents While Homeless Families Are Forced To Use Hotels At Councils’ Expense And Are Denied Access To Boris’ Garden Bridge

Piles of Money
Piles of Money
Piles of Money
Piles of Money


Do you know why MPs don’t want Parliament moved out of London? It’s because many of them are buy to let landlords making millions out of the public purse due to rising rents and lack of housing.

Even worse some homeless families are forced to use hotels as temporary accommodation at further waste of public money. In some cases temporary can mean more than three years.

On top of all this waste comes news that the infamous Garden Bridge – championed by Boris Johnson – has been scrapped after something like £32 Million has been squandered on it.

I’ve said it before, use your vote. Vote Tory, Vote Waste, Vote Labour, Vote Progress.  


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