Jesus Appears in Chip Pan Fire

pic of chip pan fire
chip pan fire


pic of chip pan fire
Whitley Bay Woman Sets Chip Pan On Fire. Sees Jesus in the Flames

Blarney O’Toole., local roving reporter for GeordieBoys, had a scoop when his next door neighbour, Mrs Dottie Halfbaked, ran into his house last Saturday exclaiming, “The chip pan’s on fire. Come and look.”
“Do you not mean put it out please Mr O’Toole?”

“Yes, of course, but first you must look.”

In Dottie’s kitchen Blarney stared at Dottie’s husband as he took photos of the flames.

“Look, can you not see? There, in the flames. It’s a picture of Jesus.”

“Jesus Christ!” exclaimed Blarney.

“Yes, that’s him,” Dottie said as the flames licked at the ceiling.

Blarney could stand it no longer. He pushed Dottie out of the way and put the fire out with a wet towel. Instead of being grateful Dottie and her husband Fully went ballistic.



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