Is Ashley Mad About Football Or Just Mad?

Hannah Hotshot, striker GBTP Ladies
Hannah Hotshot, striker GBTP Ladies
Hannah Hotshot, striker for GBTP Ladies
pic of Honoria Hotshot, (Hannah's twin) ,striker GBTP Ladies
Honoria Hotshot, (Hannah’s twin), striker GBTP Ladies

Does Mike Ashley, supposed owner of Newcastle United FC, realise he is putting his life in jeopardy? Recent events would suggest that yes, he is mad. Who would go out of his way to upset one of the top managers in the world by letting a million or two and Graham Carr get in the way of a signing that would please Rafa and galvanise a stuttering team? Or is this yet another example of Penny wise, Pound Foolish Ashley Style? Your esteemed writer is not only a long-time fan of NUFC , a season ticket holder but also one of the thousands at St James’ who have sung Get out of our club, time and time again. If Ashley thinks that period of his life was bad he ain’t seen nothing yet. If he continues to behave the way he is at present then Rafa will walk. What then? Death can be the only outcome for a man who has treated the thousands of NUFC supporters with absolute contempt. I do not wish ill on any person but if anyone deserves what’s coming to him it is Mike Ashley. He could, of course, get rid of Carr, make sure Rafa has complete control and apologise to Rafa for being a complete dickhead. That won’t guarantee promotion of course but it will be a start in smoothing the fury of Rafa and the most loyal supporters of any football club in the world.

Last night’s thrashing of Arsenal could mean that Wenger is on his way out. And who do Arsenal fancy to replace him? Why Rafa of course.

Now Arsenal fans probably think he’ll go like a shot. But why should he? Two words: Mike Ashley. But if Rafa is approached I would advise him to use the Gunners’ or Hammers’ interest (see belpow) as leverage and this time get concrete guarantees from Ashley. The impossible dream? Perhaps but if such a scenario ever takes place Ashley would be wise to stick to his promises or go into hiding. You have been warned, Mike so take heed.

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Sheff Wed result puts the whole campaign in jeopardy.


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